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Category: Aerospace

Product Innovation, Process Innovation and Profits – Aerospace and Defense

Posted in Aerospace, and Defence Production

When we hear the word Innovate or Innovation, most of us think of products and product innovation. Nowadays, with mobiles being popular and occupying our mind space, we mostly think of innovations in mobile phones such as triple camera, foldable etc. Innovation is mostly associated with Products. There is something…

101 Weapon Systems – Govt of India is Serious

Posted in Aerospace, Bengaluru Aerospace, and Defence Production

The Government of India, Ministry of Defence announced a draft defence production and export promotion policy, on Aug 3, 2020. The title of this policy document is draft policy, and we have to assume a final policy will be announced shortly. The Govt. is probably going to collect the views…

21 PROFIT Secrets for an Aero Component Manufacturing Unit

Posted in Aerospace

Every successful business has a recipe for success. Recipes are zealously guarded and business secrets are rarely revealed. How many secrets or recipe for success does your business have? Let us look at the secrets of various successful business ventures. Pulla Reddy Sweets which started off in the small town…

Profits in Aerospace Component Manufacturing

Posted in Aerospace

The Aerospace component manufacturing Industry is booming in India. The Aerospace giants have started outsourcing to Indian machine shops and Boeing claims it has multiplied its outsourcing to nearly 1 billion dollars. Why is aerospace business attractive? Continuous growth Higher profit margin compared to other engineering manufacturing Attractive growth path…