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Category: Defense

India’s Defence Acquisition Procedure – There is No Going Back

Posted in Defence Production, and Defense

Since Independence, India’s import bill has been to the tune of billions of dollars. Consequences of these high level of imports? Pile up of stock due to unplanned imports [govt. said this clearly, in the DPEPP 2020 draft] Weak defence forces, more in number but weak in weapon systems Low…

Why am I betting on India’s Re. One Lakh Crore Defence Business?

Posted in Defence Production, Defense, and Weapon Systems [India]

And, why you should too. There is a Re. One Lakh Crore business waiting to be tapped and get your share in it. Who will be interested in this business? Everyone, right from raw material suppliers, NX programmers, component manufacturers, electronic companies, system integrators, reverse engineering professionals, electronic companies, sensor…