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Category: Engineering Education

10,000 People who can make 1.3 Billion Indians Achieve 5 Trillion Dollar Economy

Posted in Engineering Colleges, Engineering Education, Startups and GOI, Student Startups, and TBI

India has a ready, well educated, with 5-10 years of earning and working experience, raring to succeed young professionals, who can take India to 5 Trillion Dollar Economy in 2 yrs. In this article, I will explain who are these 10,000 professionals. India needs subject matter specialists. Why? For this…

Increase Student Startups Dramatically with 6 Point Formula

Posted in Engineering Colleges, Engineering Education, and Student Startups

How to create more number of startups? Every Engineering College is grappling with this problem. In this article, I have outlined a simple 6 point formula for creating more number of startups in an Engineering College. Let us look at the world scenario. Engineering Colleges world over are under a…

What if Engineering Colleges do not focus on Thrust Areas?

Posted in Engineering Colleges, and Engineering Education

Engineering Colleges are the backbone of Industry. Medical, Agriculture, Banking all depend on one branch or the other of Engineering. With NEP 2020, India’s Education System is more than ready to integrate with World’s Education System. In such a scenario, Engineering institutions have to think of the changes they have…

New Education Policy – New Regulator

Posted in Engineering Colleges, and Engineering Education

Finally, light is shining on India’s education system. The Govt. of India, Ministry of Education has announced a new education policy and of all the major initiatives two major highlights are Self Declaration and E Courses. No more time wasting INSPECTIONS. What a relief! College managements will be particularly happy…

Technology Based Incubator in Educational Institutions – Is it worth it?

Posted in Engineering Education, and TBI

Running and managing a TBI (Technology Based Incubator) is a challenging job. But, not impossible if one has the ideas and the support of the Host Institution. Let us see what are the goals of a TBI: Build a vibrant startup culture in the Host Institution Be a contact point…

Government of India’s Multi Pronged Strategy to Streamline Engineering Education

Posted in Engineering Education

It is election time. The time when we as citizens of this country, try and analyse the performance of the Govt, to decide on whom to vote. [My sincere request: Go out and vote. Make a statement.] As energising educational institutions is one of my areas of interest, I will…