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How to Get Grants and Funds for your Engineering College Department?

Posted in Engineering Colleges, Engineering Education, and TBI

There is nothing wrong in trying to get Grants for your College Department. Be, open. Be aggressive. No Prof. can get this with a slight of hand. You need clear and an integrate approach. A Prof. can get you for one time, a sum of say Re. 20 Lakhs or…

10,000 People who can make 1.3 Billion Indians Achieve 5 Trillion Dollar Economy

Posted in Engineering Colleges, Engineering Education, Startups and GOI, Student Startups, and TBI

India has a ready, well educated, with 5-10 years of earning and working experience, raring to succeed young professionals, who can take India to 5 Trillion Dollar Economy in 2 yrs. In this article, I will explain who are these 10,000 professionals. India needs subject matter specialists. Why? For this…

Converting TBI’s into Co-Working Spaces – A DANGEROUS Sin

Posted in TBI

Dear Prinicipals, I started writing this article a few months ago, before the Corana pandemic started. After seeing the devastation caused by this new age pandemic, and after much deliberation, I decided to go ahead and publish this article. Consultants are proping up in incubation space, of all shades. Some,…

Technology Based Incubator in Educational Institutions – Is it worth it?

Posted in Engineering Education, and TBI

Running and managing a TBI (Technology Based Incubator) is a challenging job. But, not impossible if one has the ideas and the support of the Host Institution. Let us see what are the goals of a TBI: Build a vibrant startup culture in the Host Institution Be a contact point…