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Faculty Startup Idea Bank – FAQ

There is an abundant talent and ideas lying untapped with India’s Engineering Faculty. To tap this segment we have created this Idea Bank.

This page is exclusively for Engineering Faculty in India, who have a startup idea and want to make it big, with or without leaving the job they love – Teaching.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Faculty Idea Startup Idea Bank?
    It is a idea bank, wherein Faculty store their startup ideas, and we market it to investors.
  2. What additional services do you offer?
    When an genuine investor shows willingness to know more about the idea, we screen the investor and pitch the idea with the participation of the owner faculty, or owner faculty team of the idea.
  3. What happens next?
    If the investor come forward to invest, we let the owner faculty (team) work with the investor take it forward. We also market the idea which is receiving investment, among the faculty to check whether they are interested to invest. This is a step to reward the faculty for being a member in the team.
  4. What is the procedure to send an idea?
    Simple. Just contact us and we will send you a single page word file to fill up. And, after discussions with you we will list the details in the Idea Bank.
  5. Do I have to pay fees to get listed?
    Yes, to ensure that there is some standard in the idea an nominal amount of Re. 250/- for an year listing is charged.
  6. Who will you market the idea to?
    Mainly venture capitalists, relevant corporate houses, and private tech investors.
  7. Do we have to reveal the solution?
    No. Even we do not take the idea from you. However, during Idea Pitch to investors you may have show some proof the work you are doing.
  8. Can a single faculty submit multiple ideas?
    Yes. Each idea will be treated as a separate independent idea.
  9. Why is it restricted to Faculty of Engineering Colleges?
    One, to enable us to optimize our marketing efforts and bring better results for faculty members.