10,000 People who can make 1.3 Billion Indians Achieve 5 Trillion Dollar Economy

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India has a ready, well educated, with 5-10 years of earning and working experience, raring to succeed young professionals, who can take India to 5 Trillion Dollar Economy in 2 yrs.

In this article, I will explain who are these 10,000 professionals.

India needs subject matter specialists. Why?

For this we need to look at how technology is evolving, the adoption impact and how technology innovators (Google, Microsoft, Tesla, Apple, Toyota, etc.,) are attempting to ensure they are the leaders in business for all time to come.

The significance of impact of technology can be understood to some extent with these three examples.

Example 1:

The number of FREE software which companies like Google offer. For instance, Android Studio a heavy duty development tool for developing apps for Android mobile phones is available for FREE and can be downloaded from Google Android Website.

Such free tools are available free for everyone. Imagine the impact of this for a company which creates a large loyal fan following all over the world.

Example 2:

Companies such as Tesla are contemplating of stopping selling its electric cars. It will simply rent cars. The manufacturer will rent cars and offer low cost of use for end user. Imagine what will be result of this move, wiping out several layers.

Example 3:

Companies such as Google are creating space units which provide high speed internet connectivity to remote areas on the earth – already they control a number of internet properties.

How do we as a society and country which does not have many such core technology companies, strategize to ensure we are useful to such companies, as equal partners rather than as consumers or end users?

To become a 5 trillion dollar economy and to sustain it, we need to focus on working on a core set of professionals who will in turn impact Industry and Youth of this country and we also focus on how to nurture the core 10,000 to drive India’s march towards its dream of 5 T $$$ economy.

What are the basic requirements of these 10,000 professionals?

They should be MTech and above. Just to ensure maturity.

They should have worked for at least 5 years.

They should be working in a nationally recognized institution.

They should be available in a minimum number of institutions. We cannot have 10,000 professionals available in 10,000 institutions. We need to have them in 100 or 200 institutions.

They should have diverse subject interests.

They should be in a job which impacts hundreds of others, preferably youngsters.

They should be exposed to digital presence and digital footprint.

They should have worked as project guides.

The institutions they work in should have a career path for these professionals.

They should have an academic bent of mind.

They should be in the age bracket of 30 yrs to 45 yrs.

They should be able to work with other senior professionals.

How is the number of 10,000 arrived at?

Each institution has roughly 150 strength. Out of these 150, roughly 50 are seniors, above 50 years of age, so we have 100 younger professionals. Out of these 100, let us say, 50 are not interested for various reasons. We are left with 50 professionals in each institution.

Filtering and selecting the number of Institutions we need to work with and which ones of them is simple. The Modi Govt. has created the NIRF rank which is a ranking of professional education institutions. This is a comprehensive yearly ranking of institutions and 200 top Engineering Institutions are listed.

So, 50 * 200 gives us 10,000 professionals who satisfy most, if not all of the conditions given above.

The one big advantage here is these 10,000 professionals are spread across various disciplines of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical.

By now, you will have guessed that the 10,000 professionals I am referring to are Engineering Faculty of the top 200 NIRF colleges in India.

If the Govt., NITI Ayog and AICTE recognize the ready Goldmine we have right in front of our eyes, ways can be worked to empower these professionals to part take and propel India’s growth towards 5 Trillion Dollar Technology Economy. These professionals will enable us to be equal partners with the tech giants and trigger a wave of core startups in Engineering Colleges.

The journey is long and hard, however, the alternative which is well possible, will be chaotic.

It must be clear to all by now, who I am referring to. Faculty of Engineering Colleges, aged between 30 yrs and 50 yrs and drawn from various branches.

Let me know whether you agree or not. Let us discuss.

If you can suggest a better set of 10,000 professionals, who satisfy all the conditions listed, do let me know and I will promote the same on my website free of cost.

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