20 Tips to Run a Successful TBI in Engineering Colleges

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In my previous article I wrote whether a TBI is worth it. Considering the number of positive responses, I thought I should give tips to enable college managements run their TBI effectively.

20 Tips to run a College TBI successfully in Engineering Colleges:

  1. Name of TBI [Make it smart, students like short catchy names. It should roll of the tongue easily]
  2. Location – more central the location the better. Make it easily accessible through college buses
  3. Space – Ideal is 10000 sq ft total space. Accommodating 15 to 20 cubicles and a little space for pre incubation (*)
  4. Select a Head of TBI who is passionate about working with students and is an entrepreneur by himself. Also, he should match the requirements of DST (**)
  5. 20 Cubicles – Well maintained.
  6. Project to startups
  7. eClub
  8. ATL
  9. STIC
  10. EDII Lectures [Startup wave, VC opp, Growing a startup idea, competition, AI ML importance in startups, pricing]
  11. Digital Training for Faculty and Students
  12. Register with TBI
  13. TBI and its facilities awareness program for students
  14. Pre Incubation mentoring
  15. Professor student partnership
  16. Detailed Pitching Training [Important for VC funding, and seed funding]
  17. Elevator Pitching Training
  18. Business Plan training
  19. Inter disciplinary tie ups
  20. Seed fund from DST (*) (**)

Post your questions below and I will answer them.

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