3 Realities Engineering College Managements will have to Face

Product Description

First Reality

Easy Free Funds and Grants.

The age of free money, easy funds, and grants is long gone. If you see any such instances please cross check, they most probably would have come with many riders.

There are better ways to generate funds and resources for colleges.

Second Reality

To Be or Not To Be Reality

The question is – Research OR Subject Matter Specialist

Decide whether your Colleges wants to be focused on Research OR Subject Matter Specialist

Expecting patents and high quality research in all colleges is a disservice we do to Engineering Institutions.

Research, Inventions and Patents require years of work by accomplished Professors, and substantial funds and patience.

I suggest that every college management has to decide this and accordingly move forward.

I have taken the soliloquy “To Be or Not To Be” from the Shakespearian drama Hamlet with a purpose. Do not be afraid or scared of the consequences of deciding to be a subject matter specialist Engineering College.

This does not mean stop all research. But, change your focus, and fast.

Once you take this decision, you will see things moving fast.

Third Reality

Younger Faculty have to play a more Important Role

We are doing a disservice to our young engineering college faculty by not guiding them to align them with today’s engineering world.

Most of the younger faculty are kind of lost. Either they are thinking of doing an EASY Ph.d., or doing 2 jobs, or teaching and doing business.

This is because, most of them do not see any future in teaching alone. I am referring to the smaller and private engineering colleges.

Engineering colleges also consider younger faculty as less important in grand scheme of things. In fact, in the last few years things have changed.

In future, increasingly knowledge infrastructure will play an pivotal and important role as compared to physical infrastructure.

Simply put, knowledge infrastructure will drive physical infrastructure investment.

Younger faculty will have to drive building the knowledge infrastructure of the institution.

Successful Engineering colleges will have to come out with innovative and creative plans and solutions to build a knowledge infrastructure for their institution driven mostly by their young faculty.

The Way Forward

Every college has to find its own path to Success.

I have suggested a well researched K3 PLAN which is designed to Create an Effective Strategy to Counter the Massive Challenges which Face Engineering Colleges.


If you questions do call me or post them here. I will answer them.

Get your Engineering College ready and worthy of receiving funds by becoming subject matter specialists at the faculty level and thrust areas at department level.

Become subject matter specialists and prove it to Corporate Houses and Ministry, and let us see why anyone will deny funds to your college.

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