5 People who will slow India’s Growth To 5 Trillion $$$ Economy

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Spiritual Leaders

India’s spiritual leaders have such a stranglehold on our society that it is crippling our societal discourse to a higher and better standard of living through creativity, innovation and hard work.

Commercial spiritual leaders completely divert the attention of India’s youth and their parents away from achievement and self motivation.

Super Rich

Super Rich people who want status quo to remain, so that their richness and higher standard of living is undisturbed. These are the silent people who will not support any meaningful initiative to make the standard of living of poor and marginalized better.

The super rich are always the same world over. Nothing much can be done except tax them!

Super Popular

Popular people who have an impact on society will keep and not lead, even if they can, as they are mostly cricketers and film actors who know little on how to grow a white money driven economy.

Our heroes have to be young entrepreneurs and not insecure cricketers and actors.

Senior Professors

Reaching PM Modi’s dream of 5 Trillion $$$ economy is on the shoulders of India’s youth.

And, senior Professors (spent forces) who are from a different generation of socialism and status quo will severely affect our youth’s interest and motivation to take risks and innovate and tread a different path.

Activist and Activist Turned Politicians

India’s lumbering caste based politics and governance in the 70s-2010 has created a large gang of activists who do not know who they are fighting!

There are two types – extreme activists, such as Naxals, and communists. There are the soft activists such as Mr. Kejriwal and his type who are going to misguide rebellious youngsters into activism as a route to political power.

How and what will overcome these challenges?

1. Major Reforms

The Modi Govt. has been working like an entrepreneur at a breakneck speed to bring in reforms and pass them. On the road to success.

2. Implementation of these Reforms

What follows any reform is implementation and adaption by citizens.

Technology will ensure all the reforms will reach the poor in quick time.

India’s youth and middle age will lead the way and we have to see how it will happen.

3. Role Models

We need entrepreneur and Engineering role models – not cricketers, actors and comedians.

  • Defence Forces Heroes
  • ISRO Scientists and Officials
  • DRDO Scientists and Officials
  • Subject Matter Specialists in Engineering Colleges
  • Naturopathy Doctors
  • Regular Heroes from the Poorer sections of the society

4. Chote Chote Cheez

PM Modi has often said, chote chote cheez matters a lot.

We need to make this a national movement. All successful people will tell you this – I built it brick by brick or paisa to paisa depending on whom you are talking to.

5. Catch them Young

We need to catch youth at an young age and put them on achievement mode at an young age maybe 10th to 12th standard.

This will ensure the raw energies are properly channelized and bring in success.

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