Covid 19 – Fight it Off, with these 9 tips

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As statistics and expert opinions gain ground, sharing info regarding fighting Covid – 19 is vital.

Here I am sharing useful info:

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No. 1 Tip:

No. 2 Tip:

Lie on your front. This is more effective. Do a steam rub on your back using a towel dipped in hot water. [check the temperatures, before use]

No. 3 Tip:

Go for a walk everyday. Minimum of 45 min, continuous rigourous walk. The body naturally heats up and metabolism is active.

No. 4 Tip:

Eat less of sugar and jaggery. Replace with dates.

No. 5 Tip:

Eat your dinner early. 6.00 PM? Eat light.

No. 6 Tip:

Drinks lots of water. Make sure there is no food in your stomach, if you intend to drink more water.

No. 7 Tip: [very important. before the virus hits]

Increase your Vitamin C intake. Lemons, Gooseberry, and Guava are the fruits to go for.

No. 8 Tip:

Practise simple pranayama.

Tip No. 9

Stand in the sun between 10.00 AM to 11.00 AM for 15 min.

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