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Are you one of those faculty who is imagining, that a safe and prosperous career in the academic field is a given? Are you among the many, who is intellectually suited to work in the academic field and not made for working in the industry? Then this is for you.

It is well known that with the introduction of NEP, Govt. has realised that they have to adapt to changes brought about by technology in education.

However, it has been determined by almighty nature that these changes driven by technology will be hastened by half a decade by a virus. This virus is going to simultaneously change our lives for ever. A broad list of changes is listed in this article, positive effects of Corona.

In the post Corona period, whenever it happens, students and parents are going to be more vigilant on cost benefit analysis. I have come across students of IITs, not going for an IIM MBA as they feel it is not worth spending the money. As companies decide to recruit anyone who can get a job done on board, then things are going to change dramatically.

For the faculty however, things are getting more challenging.

Shrinking of job market and changing job profile

Do you as a faculty, realise that your role as a teacher is changing? If not, note this – teaching by itself is no more a ranking factor in the national rankings, students are not very much bothered, and private tuition is no more in demand for engineering courses. With reduction in number of engineering colleges all over the country, there are more applicants for faculty positions and naturally due to the law of demand and supply, salaries will increase only in the top colleges, and job profiles are changing across the board.

A teacher has to be more than just, a teacher.

Ph.d is not enough

Those who imagine that Ph.d will secure their positions, think again, without continuing research your Ph.D has no great value.

Real world awareness a must

Do you know how to interact with the industry? Are you able to identify the practical difficulties in implementing solutions? Are you aware of the latest trends? For example, as a Mechanical Engineering Prof. do you know the names of top machine tool companies which have set up tech centers in Bengaluru? Do you appraise the students of these developments?

Presentation – writing and speaking skills of a higher standard a must

Can you present a proposal persuasively? If you cannot push across an idea and are tongue tied, note this, you will remain tied up.

Market yourself

Do you know how to package yourself? Are you confident of what you know? Do you know what makes others see integrity and reliability while dealing with you. Or, are you one of those, who will not speak when you know you can contribute?

Do you work in a college where younger faculty have no voice?

Bring value to your department

How much of a value do you bring in to your department? Do you actively participate in changes and improvements being planned in your department?

How much time do you take to wake up to positive changes?

What is your role in helping departments take up challenging projects? And, your role in facilitating internships?

Instrumental in bringing change in your students

Let me ask you a difficult question.

Has any students told you that you have changed his thinking? Do your students respect you?

If you have created a barrier with the students and are not connected, then you have work to do.

Conduct blended training courses

Do you realise that it is theoretically possible to have one world teacher for a subject?

Do you know how to split subjects you teach into online modules and class modules? Do you know how to create a video of a topic?

Are you consistent in teaching a topic? Can you bring in unique content in your classes as compared to online tutorials?

Subject specialist

Have you selected your subject for specialisation? Is it in sync with department thrust areas? Do you have your own digital asset? Have you been able to attract peers in the subject area to connect with you online? Do peers visit your blog to read any new updated content? How long have you since started your digital asset? Has it grown along with you?

If after reading this, you feel this is not for you, Good Luck.

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