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During the process of coaching for creating a Digital Asset, I have found faculty have some questions which they would like to ask but postpone it to another date. I have compiled such FAQs and posted them here with the answers and clarifications.

Do I need to be an EXPERT in my Subject of Interest, to create my own Digital Asset?

In simple words, NO.

In fact, the Digital Asset is an exercise whose primary objective is to make you a specialist in your Subject of Interest. Also, it will quicken the process of you gaining expertise by enabling you to express your learning in a concise manner for a world audience. It will also organise your thoughts, as you periodically write and use creativity to create content giving you intellectual satisfaction as you progress.

Do I need to spend long hours?

No. For the initial set of 15 articles you will need to spend a few hrs every week. Each one is different. So, create a schedule which suits. After that stick to your schedule. That is the key. The internet rewards consistency.

No. For the initial set of 15 articles you will need to spend a few hrs every week.

Of course, do remember the harder you work, luckier you get.

What do I learn? Is there a feedback from a faculty which we can see?

Yes, here is a feedback, received from a faculty.

During this exercise I learnt

  1. How to create WP free blog and own a domain
  2. How to write about me
  3. How to write article in WP and publish
  4. About the structure of writing an article
  5. Writing an article as a beginner does not require too much expertise, but sufficient knowledge is required
  6. The importance of writing skills which will help in many other endeavours
  7. Paraphrasing and melioration of content
  8. How to search for information or statistics
  9. The importance of regularly updating myself in my domain

Will the institution benefit from this exercise?

Yes, along with you the institution will be benefited. Your students and colleagues will realize that you have special skills and knowledge, and this adds to your profile.

When can I start seeing results?

It depends what you mean by results. If you mean, consultancy work, or association with senior faculty or industry experts, it will take time.

Some immediate gains are visibility, commencing engaging possibilities with peers, evidence to the management that you are making effort, all this will happen very soon.

I am not very good in written English. Will it be a stumbling block?

No worries. I will help you out.

My subject is not very popular, like some are. For example, AI in Agriculture, Smart Grids, or Aerospace Electronics. Is it worthwhile, if my subject of interest is very uncommon?

No problem. What is important is how resourceful you are in your subject of interest.

What is the biggest satisfaction of this exercise for me?

You will be a data creator and not a data consumer only, in your subject of interest.

Is social media also a part of the exercise?

Yes. it will come in after a few posts are completed.

Will this exercise help me in my academic responsibilities?


When can I start?


How can I contact you?

Call me: 98451 65193. We will create a plan to best suit both of us.

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