How will K3 Plan Help in Admissions?

Product Description

The K3 Plan is a simple organic plan for implementation in an Engineering College giving multiple benefits to colleges.

However, the ultimate test for any plan is the impact it has on admissions. Does it increase admissions? If yes, by how much? Does it improve the quality of admissions? Does it increase NIRF rank? Does it increase peer ratings?

Before, we look at the impact on admissions, let us answer the question, How many types of Admissions happen in Engineering Colleges?

If we look at it from Govt. or administration perspective.

  • Merit Seat
  • Donation or Management Quota

Broadly, these are the categories.

From the student perspective,

  • Brand
  • Friends and relatives have joined or alumni has suggested
  • Popular Branch
  • Location (near home, or easy access)
  • Jobs

There may be many sub categories, but I am not getting into that. The question is How will K3 Plan Aid, Help, Assist Engineering College Managements in increasing admissions.

So, what is the K3 Plan?

If you are using a laptop, see the left pane, and you will see a detailed explanation of K3 Plan.

If you are using a mobile and viewing this page, scroll down, and you will see the same explanation.

Merit Students Prefer K3 Plan Colleges

Merit students are very particular about the reputation of the department. And, K3 Plan does precisely that. It motivates faculty of Engineering Departments to become subject matter specialists. In doing so, experts in diverse fields within a department are created and this enables students with varied interests to satisfy their professional and academic curiosity.

Furthermore, these faculty because their subject matter specialization are linked to their digital asset and digital footprint, will always be updated with the current scenario, and consequently, students will find their a faculty a great support.

The creation a large number of subject matter specialists, will lay the foundation to motivate faculty to achieve greater heights while teaching and boost the brand of the college.

This factor alone will prompt relatives, friends and alumni to recommend the college.

Management Quota Students will Love to Join K3 Plan Colleges

Socially aware and those who excellent organizing abilities, will love to join K3 Colleges as the events being conducted will be based on current trends in the industry and help them look for a suitable career.

Job Seeking Students Prefer K3 Colleges

Faculty driven colleges will enable deep connects with core engineering corporates and in turn will trigger high paying, high achieving job offers and this has a ripple effect across the institution.

The higher the number of subject matter specialists, the more the intern and job offers, so high achieving colleges will benefit immensely from implementing the K3 Plan.

Let us now see how K3 Plan enables alumni, and others to contribute back to college

Let us see why do alumni come back to the college he studied in and contribute?

He feels that he got something very valuable, and he would like to return or give back.

This happens more frequently, if the connect between the college and alumni is much deeper than a superficial exam oriented environment.

K3 Plan is a such a plan, as you implement it, you will start seeing a positive vibration running across and as a result among students.

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