Quiz – K3 Plan for Engineering College

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How well do you know the K3 Plan?

Answer these questions and see for yourself.


Tip: Answer 10% of the questions and you can start implementing K3 Plan in your Engineering College.

  • What does K in K3 Plan stand for?
  • Does K3 Plan help in boosting NIRF Rank, Startups?
  • How does it do that?
  • Who owns K3 Plan?
  • Can I implement K3 Plan in my college?
  • What are the investments required to implement the K3 Plan?
  • How long does it take?
  • Does the implementation conflict with academics?
  • Who will drive the Plan implementation?
  • Does the Plan make the college dependent on a single or team of individuals?
  • Does the Plan promote academic environment?
  • How long after implementation does NIRF boost can be seen?
  • Has the Plan been shown to the NIRF Board?
  • Can the Plan be implemented on a Pilot basis?
  • What is the Core of the K3 Plan?
  • Who does the K3 Plan leverage in the College?
  • Are students the drivers of the Plan?
  • Suppose a faculty leaves, does it effect the Plan?
  • Our College has its own culture. Does K3 Plan factor in this aspect?
  • Is K3 Plan a Bureaucratic or a Creative Plan?
  • What is the single most factor which will ensure implementation of K3 Plan?
  • Is any college using the K3 Plan?
  • Does the K3 Plan create a vibrant culture of positivity in the College?
  • Our college is a small college with just 4 departments and focused – can it be implemented here?
  • Does the K3 Plan boost localization?
  • Does the K3 Plan impact Startup culture in our college in a positive way?
  • Will you offer us support initially?
  • We want to get involved in social impact as it is a major objective of our college. Does K3 Plan help in this?
  • Suppose, we want to discontinue the K3 Plan, does it impact college negatively?
  • NIRF Rank is a outcome measurement system. Does K3 Plan recognize this?
  • Can you tell us the origins of K3 Plan?
  • Does K3 Plan factor in the digital revolution goin on?
  • We would like to reduce our advertisement costs. Does K3 Plan help in reducing and optimizing in terms of ROI?
  • We would like to get 25 % of our admissions from abroad. Mostly from Indian expatriates living abroad. Can K3 Plan help in this?
  • Can K3 Plan be fine tuned to compete with countless short term course coming up?

Answers to these questions can be found on the website. progic.in

If you want a human to answer your questions, pick up a phone and call us. We will be glad to answer all your questions.

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