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Recently, I was asked by a VC of a Univ. to send my CV, as he was keen that I join them as the Head of TBI [Technology Business Incubator].

After I put the phone down, given the abundance of time we have nowadays, I recalled some of the appreciation I have received from various people, Professors, and Professionals alike.

After recalling a couple of them, I thought why not I put them in blog? Once I put all of them in writing, I will know, whether they are worth telling the world.

I was motivated by another possibility. After all, it may motivate other youngsters to do the same and list the appreciations they have received on their blog.

Here is the list.

1st Appreciation

The most valuable appreciation and rewarding appreciation I received was from my Professor of Manufacturing, while doing my MS (Tech. Mgt) in USA.

Name: Prof. Allen Dell

Head of Manufacturing Engineering Technology

He offered me to head the magazine section of manufacturing department in its editorial team.

This is how it happened.

One day, as I was reading manufacturing magazines in the college library, I came across this article titled – Using your heads, written by the learned Prof.

In response, I wrote a one page rejoinder, titled “Using our heads” quoting from Micheal E Porter’s “The Competitive Advantage of Nations” and presented to him.

He said, very good. I invite you to be the part of the team which runs a manufacturing magazine for the state of Utah. I was excited, but later declined as I wanted to work in Boeing as an intern.

This was an appreciation and reward, all at once.

This happens in USA.

We do hear such stories in IITs nowadays.

2nd Appreciation

Appreciation: Chip of the old block.

Name: Mr. A. Suryanarayan. Business Consultant, located in Bengaluru.

When I told Mr. Suryanarayan, the company I was consulting for had doubled by professional fees when they renewed my contract, this was the comment he had to make. Chip of the old block.

This reminded me of my dear father, who was role model in efficient business management.

Mr. Suryanarayan has supported my entrepreneurial work all along, selling 10000 + copies of books in 75 countries and my present work as a TBI Consultant.

I think, I owe some part of whatever modest success I have achieved to him. His transparency, quick response and energy are motivating.

I will never be able to pay back his debt, the only time I did something worthwhile is taking him out for a dinner at Ramana’s in Bengaluru.

3rd Appreciation

Mr. Manjunath. BG.

Presently, Senior Banker at Canara Bank.

“Krishna, I am giving the loan as the work you are doing is Gods work and is commendable, helping students who are struggling to get jobs“.

4th Appreciation

Mr. Rajendra Velagapudi

Presently, he is the VP and CEO of major Aerospace divisions in CYIENT.

Mr. Rajendra, is a true corporate leader. He rewards a performer with tangible benefits and not just letters of appreciation.

I have never met a nicer person than him, as he is a patient listener and empathetic. Difficult, in today’s world. He was the best Boss I worked under.

6th Appreciation

Dr. B. Dattaguru, Retd. Chairman and Professor of Aeronautics, IISc, is presently a visiting faculty at Jain University, doing what he likes best, Teaching. He is a distinguished professor and a padma shri recipient.

This is what he told another senior successful man, at IISc, Mr. Krishna is a committed to education. This was a fulfilling moment.

Prof. Dattaguru has a wiki entry here:

7th Appreciation

Prof. Dhananjaya. Director, JSS Group of Institutions. [I consider him as the Bhishma Pitamaha of JSS Group of Institutions]

Appreciation received: You are an asset to the institution.

The spontaneity with which he said this to me, is the quality that made him one of the successful institution builders in India.

8th Appreciation

Prof. Prasad Sunderaj

Professor of Civil Engineering.

One of the few experts in his area of specialization, Prof. has a uncanny knack of being affable and strict at the same time.

The success of “My Digital Asset” initiative started by me, was seed supported by the learned Prof., with his words of open encouragement when I first floated this concept at JSS.

He is a true Prof. as he questioned me carefully and assessed the long term benefits this initiative can bring to the institution, before offering his support.

9th Appreciation

During the course of my work as an entrepreneur, we have received numerous emails from readers all over the world appreciating our teaching materials.

But, the best feedback was this: [recd in 2017]

I had purchased your books in 2005. Had a blast reading them.

I am ordering the learner pack again.

The word blast blew me, as I realized and reminded of the value the books provided.

This was from a customer in Johannesburg, South Africa.

10th Appreciation

This is my best, as it was received from Mr. Shankar Patil, shop floor supervisor.


You are the first one to bring respect to the shop floor, in my 20 years of work at this plant.

I could see that it meant a lot to him. After all they spend 10-12 hrs of their day in the shop floor.

These two were satisfying too.

From: John, QC Inspector. Aerospace Industry. Very efficient worker.


I will miss your reassuring presence, everyday, as I started work.

The best one came from Mr. Kannan, of Vintage Cutting Tools.


Earlier people used wander around, during your tenure people moved around with a purpose.

Very satisfying.

Looking forward to the next praise.

Presently, I am working on two initiatives for Engineering Colleges:

  • My Digital Asset designed to unleash the potential of engineering college faculty whose talent can help the country catch up with the rapidly changing face of education. Shortly, I will come out with an article titled “Where are the faculty?”, which explains why engineering colleges which do not nourish their faculty will wither away.
  • Startup culture in Engineering College using the four stage approach

In this period of darkness of Corona, recalling these precious moments is quite comforting.

Do good. It will come back. Advice from a faculty, on stage, in a “Values in education” workshop. Bold to say it on stage.

Tell what you think in the comments section.

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