Remote work and the future

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This page will be unique. I plan to write about remote work and also update with latest and reliable views and verified data on remote work in the future.

In April 2020, I had predicted Colleges will become Hybrid Campuses, which is explained here: Hybrid Campuses of Engineering Colleges.

The obvious benefit or consequence, depending on how you look at it, is classrooms will shrink in number rapidly and space will be freed up for other opportunities.

A similar thing is happening in Corporate world.

Schneider in Bengaluru, surrendered 2 floors of its office space as soon as pandemic stuck.

Good companies and smart executives react in a timely fashion.

Now, there is a report from Microsoft about the future of Remote work.

Why is this important?

This report has been generated by collected data users of Microsoft office 365 which is a premium and widely used software. Across Industries.

I am putting up the link for you here as the report sets in the narrative for what will come as the remote working technology grows by leaps and bounds, without sparing anyone and any work on the way.

Microsoft Report on Remote Work << Click and Read!

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