Secret Strength of Engineering Colleges

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Most Principals and Professors are not aware of secret strength of their Engineering College.

If you were to ask any Principal, or Professor, or Management you will get a variety of answers. Let us look at the answers before we understand the secret strength of an Engineering College and How to Leverage the same.

Answer Number 1


Answer Number 2


Answer Number 3


Answer Number 4

Low fees.

Answer Number 5

Strict attendance and completion of syllabus.

Answer Number 6

Clubs. Many colleges take pride in the number of clubs they have. In the overall analysis while this is good to keep the students engaged in a positive way, clubs do not contribute to admissions and NIRF ranks.

While the above are all good and positive contributors, Engineering Colleges do not realize the biggest secret strength they have.

Let us for a moment see what Engineering Colleges require to succeed

Quality and Core Jobs

Students want to be trained and guided on how and where to get Core Jobs.

Suitable Jobs

Each student has a different set of born skills and acquired set of skills. He/she wants to be guided and led to a platform where they can discover themselves and earn for a living.

Colleges want Branding

Many positives happen in every College. Unfortunately this is not brought to the fore and added to brand.

Colleges want Quality Admissions

There is no forum for prospective students to assess colleges. Suppose, a student wants to work on agriculture focused Electronics Engineering. How does he know which college is good in this?

Students want to Work on High Value Startups

Today’s students want to work on high value startups. Does any college have a strategy to offer this to their prospective students on a sustainable basis?

AICTE wants Colleges to demonstrate

AICTE wants Colleges to demonstrate all their strategies and best practices have Standard Operating Procedures

Govt. wants Colleges to Contribute in a Positive Way

Govt. wants Colleges to Contribute in a Positive Way which is also known as Social Impact.

Colleges want to cut down on Advertisement Costs

Social Media, Print Media, Visual Media, colleges are seeing their ad costs climb up year on year.

How is this possible? How to Cut Ad Costs?

What is the beginning Step? Who will be leaders who will drive efforts to achieve multiple goals?

For answers read these three articles:

If not convinced, post your questions below and I will answer them.

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