What if Engineering Colleges do not focus on Thrust Areas?

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Engineering Colleges are the backbone of Industry. Medical, Agriculture, Banking all depend on one branch or the other of Engineering.

With NEP 2020, India’s Education System is more than ready to integrate with World’s Education System.

In such a scenario, Engineering institutions have to think of the changes they have to bring in.

Engineering college managements have to note that NEP 2020 was brought after much deliberation and this is done expecting it to be a game changer for the country. Those colleges which do not score a high NIRF rank will be considered as laggards.

Those which score high will get better benefits.

For instance, all colleges which have a rank higher than 100 will be eligible for Ph.D Scholars in the college get Re. 50,000 + as stipend. There will be more such coming.

I expect those colleges which have done considerable work in a specific area will get selected and invitations will be sent to hold events, participate in consulting work.

Such invitations will become prestigious for branding the college.

What will happen if Engineering Colleges do not select thrust areas and do not have faculty who are specialised in specific subjects?

  • No specialisation – Dismal contribution to the society, which give the reputation as a Teacher’s College
  • No specialised faculty – No Industry connect
  • No specialised faculty – No opportunity for students to know the lead edge of various focus areas for growth
  • Students find the institution not interesting – No career prospects in their area of interest
  • No channeling of resources
  • Focus only on admissions – Tiring and listless functioning
  • No thrust areas – Not many meritorious research scholars
  • No branding
  • No hyper events on national scale, attracting national attention
  • Self declaration will be challenging

In summary, such colleges will land up at the bottom of the pyramid and remain training colleges and compete with Polytechnic colleges. This may also be difficult as good polytechnic colleges are highly focussed and may attract more students majority of them seeking jobs.

Students will join such colleges which offer courses at a lesser cost and get a job and pursue a degree while working, which is very possible with NEP 2020.

It is the College which has to get their act together to stay in the Top 100 NIRF rank. For that innovative out of the box thinking is required. Are you ready?

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