Why India’s Population High? and NEP 2020

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Simple, Indians like life, love their spouses, and importantly LOVE children. To make it short, let us start with 1947.

India is a young nation. Just 74 yrs.

At the dawn of Freedom, as Nehruji brought in socialism, Indian Citizens found another set of shackles on them. It was the age of license raj, with bureaucrats and politicians ensuring they had a higher standard of living, leaving their brothers and sisters to low standard of living and struggle.

Blessed with warm weather, being ruled for 1000 years under foreigners, a strong story telling industry flourished in India in the intermittent periods. Due to foreign rule, Indians did not get a chance to participate in Industrial Revolution. So, pursuing a better standard of living – a promise of Industrial Revolution never took root in India.

This socialism phase, was dismantled by Amitabh Bachchan, Kapil Dev, and H1B Visa.

Amitabh taught Indian youth to revolt against the system, Kapil Dev showed Indians can win big on the world stage and H1B Visa showed Indian youth, Indian Businessmen can become Billionaires.

While, all this was happening slowly, Indian parents love for Life and Children kept flourishing and increasing.

Standard of living for most parents was mediocre, or below mediocre and as a result all Indian parents put everything they had for their children’s education and well being. You see, they wanted a better future for their children.

In comes Atal Bihari Vajpayee, becomes Prime Minister, with a moderate and sober patriotic color. Completely different from Nehruji in approach. Progressive, Right Wind Politician. Not aggressive. And, fails to give his party a successful second term to pursue their liberal development politics.

Indian parents love for Life and Children continued but, the population growth was unstoppable.

Simultaneously, an unknown was given a chance to become the Chief Minister of Gujarat, who for all his aggressive right wing politics was a actually a extremely aggressive closet development politician. Those who gave him a chance never realized how a development politician will be received by Indians.

Indians started treating Narendra Damodardas Modi as their own child.

Complete trust, absolute majority, unquestionable loyalty and a carte blanche to improve their standard of their living.

Into his second term, Modiji has quietly moved into deeper level of development initiatives. See this video. I call these as micro initiatives.

The Parents love for Children continued but the good thing is Indian middle class in the last 20-25 have had fewer children. Their love for their children remained same.

I have a son, my son’s close friend is single child, our family friend Mr. Venugopal has two children. Contrast this with my grandparents who had 5 (paternal) and 9 (maternal) children. Things were changing for middle class. Similarly, Mr. Venugopal’s family is well spread.

India has a large population of poor people. Their love for children is big and as deeper development initiatives take root, poor people will start loving themselves more and be occupied in pursuing a better standard of living, the basics being created by Modiji, tirelessly.

For your info: Modiji is married, which was never acted upon (legal term), and has no children.

But he loves children.

See this short clip.

See this too. Modiji’s love for children of India.

Indians love for children is changing and evolving. The NEP is created to bring this change.

The dawn of freedom for children.

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