About Me

Name: Krishna Karedla [Age: 57 yrs]

Focus: Profits


Aerospace and Defence – Business Development, Manufacturing, Process Management, Tuning Processes to Achieve Profits, Identifying Opportunities

Strengths: Organization First based Management

Domain Expertise: Technology Driven Production, Software and First Principle Driven Manufacturing Processes, People Driven Profits

Conscious of: People make the Company not Machines

Earlier assignments:

  1. Chief Executive – SJCE STEP [initiated several measures, to create startups, left as institution had other plans]
  2. Head Production and Engineering CYIENT DLM [initiated measures to improve processes, setup the foundation for profits, suggested the right machines for future production]
  3. Founder VKINFOTEK [designed and implemented product creation, pricing, marketing and growth strategy]
  4. Founder partner Connectco [built a platform to connect companies and machine tool companies]

Edn Qualifications:

BE (Mechanical Eng), PG (Tool Engineering), MS (Tech Management)

Email: k.vkpub@gmaildotcom

Mob: 091-98451 65193