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yoga vs gym
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Gym Body vs Yoga Body

Disclaimer: This is not a well researched article. As the title reveals, it is a direct comparison between a person who gyms regularly and another who does yoga, regularly. It…

modi 2024
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We Voted. Did you?

May 13th, 2024. This the fourth phase of 2024 General Elections in India. Mark my words, this General Elections day, will determine how Hindus will live in the future. Immersed…

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The day my wife floored me!

One of my relative who was very jealous of my father and mother, was very amused with my choice of the person I chose as my wife. She even expressed…

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Vicious Human Selfishness as Corona unleashed it venom!

I remember the day, April 20th 2020. There is no end to human selfishness. It can be as gruesome as it can get. I had a first hand experience of…

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Parayana Team – A Team with a Good Heart

For the first time, I am not too sure where to start this Post. There can be multiple starting points for this post, because this post is about a Parayana…

Babai Hotel Kukkatpally
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Babai Hotel Kukatpally – Disappointing

Today, being Telengana Day, myself and my wife set out to have our breakfast at Babai Hotel in Kukatpally. This place is just across Kukatpally metro crossing from our place….

a surprise from a customer
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A Surprise from a Customer

All my friends and relatives know that we spent a substantial part of our lives writing Books on ERP Software and Selling them. We take pride in the fact that…

Kejriwal, IIT and his obsession with academics
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Kejriwal, IIT, his obsession with Modiji’s Degree

When I was thinking about writing this article, what came to my mind was both persons I am focusing on are achievers and people in Govt. positions. It is not…

How Religious Are You?
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How religious are you?

If you were to spend a week or so with our family, you will see that we hardly do puja nor any rituals. It has been so in my life…

possessiveness of parents
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Possessiveness – Every human being amongst us has to realize

Today morning around 7.30 AM, Shri. Venugopal our family friend, called up and told us the Good news that his boisterous Dog had given birth to 4 pups at 1.00…

k viswanath and chiranjeevi
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What a Performance Shri. Chiranjeevi !!

Chiranjeevi is a superstar. And, his speech when Kalatapasvi K Viswanath passed away is remarkable. Watch this Video, and see for yourselves.

8 steps to success and happiness
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How to be Successful and Happy in Life?

Let us assume an average active life of we humans is 75 Years. Which really means 75 Active Summers. Follow these simple and key Tips to lead a successful and…