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We Voted. Did you?

May 13th, 2024. This the fourth phase of 2024 General Elections in India.

Mark my words, this General Elections day, will determine how Hindus will live in the future. Immersed in self defeat and self goals and humiliation OR chose to live respectfully in this world. This election will determine. If BJP loses I estimate there are 1000 really big traitors and goondas ready to take over the nation and ensure BJP never comes back.

We myself and my wife, are determined to live respectfully. We voted. And, how? My wife voted first in the entire polling station, 7.00 am sharp.

I was the first in the line, but third to vote!

There is a small story behind this also. I will come to that soon.

We were the first to reach Vivekanandanagar Society hall, Kukkatpally, Hyderabad.

It was heartening to see the perfect arrangements made by Election Commission. We should congratulate the Election Commission of India, for conducting this whole nation wide exercise so well. They should get more applause than any other, today.

So, we started at 6.00 PM and reached the polling station much ahead of some of the officials.

Due to a mistake of the outsourced service providers from the Election Commission, my Wife had to vote in GHMC Ward, Kukkatpally and myself in the Vivekananda Nagar Society Hall, Kukkatpally. That’s ok. It is not the fault of the Election Commission.

We have always voted for Mr. Modi. We do not even know our local BJP candidate very well. Who cares?

No disrespect to the local candidates but, they have to canvas. They have not come to the constituency. Tell us, what will they do for the constituency? However, we do know they believe in BJP ideology, at least as of today ;-), the election day.

That’s enough for us. Rest Shri. Amit Shah will take care.

This is sixth time my wife and myself have voted after marriage.

Now how did I get to vote third even though I had reached early?

I was after all standing first in the queue from 6.30 AM!

A politician and his family arrived at 6.50 am and barged into the booth jumping the queue.

I politely mentioned is there no queue system here? in a well modulated voice so that the politician and his wife could hear me and not others (his chamchas!) and in general to nobody. I did not look into anybody’s eye. My hope is someday they will learn. I don’t believe nobody will learn immediately. You need a higher caliber genes for that.

The politician’s wife seemed a decent lady, she made sure I was the next one. Thereby, conveying her husband is like that. A boor.

Just makes me wonder, how many corrupt and rowdy politician’s wives and children are decent people!!

My bet is, Many.

When will we learn?

Krishna Karedla
Author: Krishna Karedla

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