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Gym Body vs Yoga Body

As the title reveals, it is a direct comparison between a person who gyms regularly and another who does yoga, regularly. Disclaimer: This is not a well researched article!

Some time back, nearly 15 years ago, when I was 45-46 yrs of age, I started Gyming and signed up at a Gym in Vijayanagar III Stage, Mysore.

After a few weeks, results started showing up. I became fit and surprisingly, fast at work. I also noticed I was skipping details. But, the speed kind of compensated. I liked the work speed.

I also started eating voraciously. I remember, once cleaned up an entire vessel of Macaroni made for 2 people and another instance gobbled 10 Vadas.

All good till now.

I started becoming a bit violent, not really but surely abrasive. And, impatient. Once, when a vegetable vendor refused to put in a few more vegetables, I brusquely added a few to my bag, and didn’t care even though he was protesting.

Another time, I threatened an elderly security guard to stop blowing his whistle when I was dropping of my son at school. In summary, I was forcing people.

For some, this may be okay, but I was not at all comfortable.

On the whole, I noticed something different in my thinking.

What was amusing, I ensured my opponent was not physically strong!

But, I was not happy with the rashness and blatantly stupid things I was doing. I was more happy being confident and at peace with myself.

To explain this more clearly, the behavior was much like Rahul Gandhi ji, tearing up the Cabinet Decision, with no respect to Constitution. Though my life is of no significance to the society as much as his is, I believe such rash behavior has disastrous consequences.

In this case, Rahul ji caused severe embarrassment to the Govt.

Though I was not going to the extreme like Rahul Ji, I was tending to. Fortunately, my upbringing told me, I was entering unwanted areas.

Rahul is known to be a simple person. But, what is prompting him to do rash things?

Is it possible, uncontrolled thinking or thought process throwing caution to the winds, a result of over activated metabolism? Does Gyming lead to over activated metabolism? Let us look at Rahul ji a bit more closely.

Let us look at Rahul ji’s attire closely, We can easily see that Rahul ji is a Gym person.

Several attributes which do not somehow give confidence to the voter or even to his boss if turns up for work in this attire.

Let us compare him with Narendra Modi ji.

Yoga enables you to put in sustained effort in achieving a goal. Promotes calmness and inner happiness. Proper shabda prayog which is the foundation whether you speak in Telugu or English. Laser focus. All leading to remarkable contribution, which means a successful professional life. And, brings out your potential in a controlled manner giving you peace and happiness.

Krishna Karedla
Author: Krishna Karedla

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