Kejriwal, IIT and his obsession with academics

Kejriwal, IIT, his obsession with Modiji’s Degree

When I was thinking about writing this article, what came to my mind was both persons I am focusing on are achievers and people in Govt. positions. It is not prudent to write on politicians and definitely not criticize.

But, the thought that the topic that I am discussing is a disease in our country, which needs discussion.

Let me upfront state that I have achieved very little as an entrepreneur. Whereas Kejriwal is a CM of Delhi and PM Modi is well, what can I say, PM of India and a man who has piloted a tectonic shift in India’s economic story and socio-political dynamics, a giant of a performer or simply a doer, as my late father Shri. Karedla Sree Rama Chandra Murthy would have put it. Just to mention, my father was a man of few words.

Coming to the main theme of the article, obsession with academics is a disease in India. Either you study well or rather you score high marks or you are no good, sometimes maybe good for nothing.

I experienced disease, though in a very obnoxious way, the disease of obsession with Degrees and Marks at an early age.

This incident (s) occurred when I was 15-16 years old.

One of my relative who used to frequently visit us, was very fond of asking our academic records, age, publicly. He used to suddenly ask after having a good coffee and tiffin. This incident (s), which occurred very often, used to petrify me. I could understand competitive behavior’s from my classmates and people of my age. But, not from an elder person whom we looked up to was abuse. However, my parents, my mother a 5th standard pass, and my father a double masters holder (MA (Economics), MBA (Andhra Univ.) used to keep silent, just out of dignity and common sense.

I used to be petrified, for obvious reasons, because as I was not a top bracket student. But, before you think I am good for nothing let me tell you that, I would do well, frequently (;-)).

This incident of publicly asking others their education details, which is private like health records, told me one thing. For some people, this is how human value judgement exists in society. This is also how people find security.

Some 30 years later the same relative (yes, after a long avoiding) visited us.

Incidentally, the software books we had created (note created) and made a living of (listed here: were neatly packed and ready to be shipped to Canada and Gulf. These books incidentally, are my own creation. No Gurus. No Idols. Just like my education.

He had a detailed look at the Books, the destination, and details. No Praise. No Acknowledgement, Nothing.

After my relative left I brought up the topic of my “relative’s” obsession with academic records, with my father. He said “I was about to tell him that what my son has achieved is unique” but chose not to.

What my father actually was meaning – he is a closed mind. BLIND.

This is the same disease Kejriwal is infected with.

Instead of trying to humiliate Modiji with academics, Pandit Kejriwal Saab, the best way to respond to whatever grievance you have with Modiji is simple, perform better than Modiji.

But, before you attempt to be better than Modiji, please read this out.

If someone were to ask who will you trust your Nation with, I will go for Modiji. Any day. And, these are the reasons.

Reason #1: You have not acknowledged all those who supported you. You have no gratitude. Shri. Hegde, Smt. Kiran Bedi, Sri. Ravi Shankar, Ramdev Guruji, Sri Anna Hazare to name a few.

Reason #2: The way you behaved during an online meeting with PM. You are trying cheap tricks, to make him lose his temper, and to show viewers you don’t care. Abysmal attitude.

Reason #3: You do not acknowledge others performance or contribution. You are insecure.

Reason #4: You have no qualms about accommodating people of bad repute in Govt. You are reckless.

Reason #5: You are obsessed with academics. You are petty minded. (కొద్దీ మనిషి)

Reason #6: The way you articulate issues of national importance. Irritating speaking. You should practice voice modulation. It reflects your inner personality.

Reason #7: The way you seek out political alliances. Seem like a Small minded opportunist.

Reason #8: The way you suggested some idea to PM in an online address. You did not understand the purport of the address and participation of all CM (executives) in the Country. The purport was to instill confidence that the whole administration machinery was working in tandem and thereby instill confidence in the citizens of India. {During Covid}

This shows you are not a statesman, which is an –

An essential quality of a politician, EDUCATED or NOT.

I would like to ask Pandit Kejriwal Saab, what education does he recommend for a PM? IIT (Mech)?

Before, I close, I would like all readers to recall the famous dialogue by Shri. S V Ranga Rao, in the All Time Hit Movie : Maya bazaar (Screenplay Dialogues: Pingali Nagendra Rao Garu), which goes like this.

Pandityam Kanna Gnaname Melu

Translates to:

Wiseness is better than Knowledge

Krishna Karedla
Author: Krishna Karedla

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