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BYU – A Good Gesture for my Birthday

A Special Thanks to: Mr. Jason BrownAlumni & External RelationsBrigham Young UniversityProvo, UTAH, USA(801) 422-7579 When my son Vamsi, contacted BYU alumni – for buying a couple of T Shirts…

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Hinduism and Entrepreneurship

Contrary to what spiritual leaders in India propagate, that Hinduism is a religion of Gods, Hinduism evolved over a period of time with periods of rapid growth, much twists and…

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India’s Religious Startups – Lessons for Students

Who said India’s startup ecosystem has been weak and continuous to be weak. In fact, it is a thriving country for startups. Religious Startups. This article will attempt to tell…

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Marriage and Ram Gopal Varma

Who has not heard of Ram Gopal Varma? Everyone who watches movies, must have come across RGV as he is popularly called. It is another matter that youngsters of today…