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What is Spirituality? ………..It is ….

Spirituality is a trait in a human being, which prompts the individual to evaluate whether their own independent life has been satisfactory. Independent refers to the independent person in all…

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The Spiritual Quest

I was exposed to the concept of God at an age of 7-8. I remember the pooja room when we were at 116, 5th Cross, Jayanagar, 1st Block. I also…

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How to Preserve Hinduism?

There are two basic questions which we need to address before we answer the above question. The two basic questions are: Who are the set of people who will lead…

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N T Rama Rao – Stills no one else can do

The legendary Telugu Actor had a screen presence few could match. Below I have listed 5 Stills which I think no one has been able to copy and try. This…

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When young, I was scared of any religious man. So much so, that my mother used to advise my father to remove/avoid excessive symbolic marks of Hindu Culture. My father,…

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My Grandfather Sri. Karedla Narasimham

On a recent visit to my good natured and well meaning cousin Sri. Krishna Nori’s house in Hyderabad, he asked me what are my memories of Grandfather Shri. Karedla Narasihmam….

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Some Gestures are Unique

Last Saturday I had an opportunity to visit my sister’s beautiful apartment and spent an entire day with her gracious husband, Mr. Venkatesh, and her. In our Hindu scriptures, we…

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Finally, Prof. R. L. Kashyap Recognized

In my view Prof. R L Kashyap deserved the award much earlier. But, better late than never! Prof. R L Kashyap has studied Vedas like a true Professor and interpreted…

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Mr. & Mrs. Sai Sashank

Recently, I visited my friends place in Hyderabad, and as I was about to take leave, his son and daughter-in-law, spontaneously bowed and touched my feet as a mark of…

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How did Religion Evolve?

I have always proposed that Religion was an accidental evolution and Hinduism is one such, of course with lots of humanity, thought and welfare of the people, in it, as…

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Stock markets, Easy money – My Dear Friend CDN Rao

My friend CDN Rao, said during a conversation about Stock Markets “I don’t like to earn easy money”. The operative word is “earn”, he was referring to earn as a…

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Life has been kind to me

When I did not go back to USA, in 1991, in unusual circumstances, all my relatives were curious what will happen to me. Considering that even today, 30 yrs later,…