Congress basic problem
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What is Congress’s Basic Problem?

Everywhere Congress leader’s go they get humiliated. Look at this video: In the face of acute disgrace, see how he effortlessly moves as if he has faced this situation in…

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Respect your DAD!

Most Children today do not respect their Fathers. However, they respect their Mothers. But, Children should know, Dads give their Children something what Mothers have no time for. A sense…

aap looses and a sigh of relief
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God has NOT Betrayed India this time!

In the last few weeks I was terribly worried that AAP would win in Gujarat. As results came in today 8th Dec 2022, I am relieved beyond words. In 1947…

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A Simple Suggestion – Told with genuine intention

We always remember genuine suggestions and help. At least, I do. And, I do make it a point to remember, and acknowledge when time comes. Back in 2006-2007, we were…

Birds Respond to Venkatesh
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Guests after a long long time

We had guests after a long long time from Hyderabad – Mr. Venkatesh and Mrs. Venkatesh. It was a very good and pleasant experience for us and I hope it…

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One Unselfish Good Gesture, support for a Lifetime – Maganti Suryanarayana Pantulu!

Back in 1962-63 my dear father, Late K Sree Rama Chandra Murthy was posted in Chennai in the Parry Corner Branch of erstwhile State Bank of Mysore as a Probationary…

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Best Suggestion Ever for a Girl!

Article written by Bharathi K. As we grow older, I believe everyone of us, look back and try to recall who contributed to our lives in a positive way. In…

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Why are you watching Nanduri Srinivas Garu, Garikapati Garu, Chaganti Garu Videos?

This was the question my Cousin Sister Mrs. Kalyani Venkatesh asked me. I did not feel bad when she asked me this question, as I know her intention is not…

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My Wife, My Silent Partner

As I embark on my second entrepreneurial venture, I cannot help but write about my silent partner who has quietly egged me on in the last 25 odd years. Being…

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My Father, CBI and Rahul Gandhi

I am a lucky person in many ways. Most of my relatives all have been honest. We have never taken bribe, paid all dues, and never cheated. I have been…

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Who will Modiji and Amit Bhai, choose as the Next President of India?

I like to predict without the help of astrology. I could of course, learn astrology and connect simple logic and common sense to planetary motion, and become famous. But, I…

Madras Central
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Madras Central, where it all started…

If you think that this blog is of a good standard in terms of ideas and language, you may be curious to know how a person of average intelligence and…