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How to Get Grants and Funds for your Engineering College Department?

Posted in Engineering Colleges, Engineering Education, and TBI

There is nothing wrong in trying to get Grants for your College Department. Be, open. Be aggressive. No Prof. can get this with a slight of hand. You need clear and an integrate approach. A Prof. can get you for one time, a sum of say Re. 20 Lakhs or…

Million Dollar Component Manufacturing Company

Posted in Defence Production, and Trends

Let us get straight to the point. What is a Million Dollar Component Manufacturing Company? When we say a million dollar component manufacturing company, we are referring to a company which has a fat order book, new product development team is well organized and delivers results, daily production goes on…

10,000 People who can make 1.3 Billion Indians Achieve 5 Trillion Dollar Economy

Posted in Engineering Colleges, Engineering Education, Startups and GOI, Student Startups, and TBI

India has a ready, well educated, with 5-10 years of earning and working experience, raring to succeed young professionals, who can take India to 5 Trillion Dollar Economy in 2 yrs. In this article, I will explain who are these 10,000 professionals. India needs subject matter specialists. Why? For this…

5 People who will slow India’s Growth To 5 Trillion $$$ Economy

Posted in Trends

Spiritual Leaders India’s spiritual leaders have such a stranglehold on our society that it is crippling our societal discourse to a higher and better standard of living through creativity, innovation and hard work. Commercial spiritual leaders completely divert the attention of India’s youth and their parents away from achievement and…