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My Cousin and Swatch Bharat

My dear cousin Kalyani Venkatesh, with her husband, her smart and beautiful daughter came to visit us a couple of months back. As she wanted, we had a light dinner,…

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Simple Appreciation – the Essence of Life

My wife Bharati Karedla [her linkedin profile], likes flowers, as any nature loving person would. Yesterday, as we were going for our regular walk, she pointed to the flowers and…

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Disrespect, the First Step to Dissociation

The first step to dissociation is disrespect. There comes a time when we need to dissociate with everyone. Everyone means everyone, including ourselves. As we grow old, and we realize…

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Why Andhra Politicians are Scared of Pawan Kalyan?

As Pawan Kalyan’s Jana Sena party takes firm steps to be a big player in Andhra politics opposition to him is growing in Andhra Pradesh. Andhra politicians are sitting up…

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Maate Mantramu

A mantra is a set of sentences, which when recited inspires. I always believe that is important to convey by words as sometimes it is not possible to show your…

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My sister-in-law Padmaja

Respect and giving time to others has vanished among people today. Even if it is there, it is only for a purpose. It is not just with friends, but also…

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Startup at 58 yrs

Startups are the craze today. I was crazy about them some 35 yrs ago. I am a 58 yr old, living in Mysore, Karnataka, India. Some time back, I mentioned…

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Mantena Raju Garu Naturopathy Tips summary

Drink water and clean your tummy first thing in the morning Drink a 300 ml of vegetable juice Stop eating salt – ensure you get 300 mg per day, if…

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Missamma – A classic par excellence

Missamma is my all time favorite. Let us discuss some highlights of the movie. Senior NTR has acted as a sedate lover, conscious of his job and sustaining the job…

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Electric Vehicles

Every one is considering buying an electric vehicle.

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Sabarimala – We could have saved crores of Rupees

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Post office and a Printer!

Post offices in India are using printers to generate receipts. Yesterday, we had been to a post office in Mysore to send a parcel to South Korea. The staff greeted…