Stock markets, Easy money – My Dear Friend CDN Rao

My friend CDN Rao, said during a conversation about Stock Markets “I don’t like to earn easy money”. The operative word is “earn”, he was referring to earn as a means of living.

Many of us by instinct do not dabble in stock markets. Personally, I would like to buy long term stocks but not have done much. The reason is obvious.

I wish more Indians are like CDN. Simply, because we would concentrate on being productive and stop running after easy money.

This precisely the challenge which the country is facing today.

Modiji with his various initiatives (100’s of them) is pushing the country to be productive. He wants the country to achieve 5 Trillion Dollar GDP in a few years.

But will we?

I am hopeful of the youngsters of the country and the usage of technology by the Government to trigger and manage the changes.

In fact, I am ready to bet on the two.

But, again, I am skeptical of the section of Indians, who are used to easy money and chalta hai attitude.

This section of the people, who mostly operate with black money are vote banks of politicians who are themselves masters of easy money.

Will they all group together in the coming series of elections?

This is the million dollar question.

Krishna Karedla
Author: Krishna Karedla

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