Mr. & Mrs. Sai Sashank

Recently, I visited my friends place in Hyderabad, and as I was about to take leave, his son and daughter-in-law, spontaneously bowed and touched my feet as a mark of respect.

I do not know why but, I felt a sudden feeling of kindness towards the newly married couple – Mr. & Mrs. Sai Sashank. Did the incident boost my ego?

As I walked down the stairs, my friend and his dutiful wife, came down to send me off.

Both of them have treated me well all these 20 years, I have known them.

Come to think of it, my friend’s wife Mrs. Rani Nagesh, is the only person among my friend’s wives who spent a long time chatting with my father, when they visited us.

This article is about Mrs. Sai Sashank, who took no time nor hesitated to touch my feet and take blessings along with her husband, as I was about to leave. It shows she respects elders and is a person with principles and beliefs.

It also shows she has assimilated into her new home with ease and grace.

Being the new entry into the family, she has an opportunity to make her contribution to take the family to greater happiness and success.

Coming back to the question of Ego and how Hindu practices are full of thought and wisdom.

Ego is like grass.

It grows everyday, without us knowing.

It needs to be trimmed everyday.

The opposite of egoist is a humble person. Being humble is an essential quality to have a character. Building character is sum of all good decisions we take in life, minus the bad we take.

The best way is to practice some key practices of our Hindu culture.

Blessed are those who know the value of this at an young age, like Mr. & Mrs. Sai Sashank

A Hindu Saint

Krishna Karedla
Author: Krishna Karedla

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