Respect your DAD!

Most Children today do not respect their Fathers. However, they respect their Mothers. But, Children should know, Dads give their Children something what Mothers have no time for. A sense of Facing the World.

This is equally precious as Mother’s love. Just because, you have job, or you have started earning, or your Dad has become old do not disrespect your Dad.

Your Dad may not be your future. But, you are his past and a little bit of his future!

When you disrespect your father and be around with him this is what happens – he has to disconnect a part of his past which involves your conception, delivery, infancy, young age, and your journey to professional career and your family life.

This effort to disconnect can have a disastrous impact on him. In the process, do not think any mother will pardon. While she has a umbilical connection with all her off springs, she has a connect with her husband which is based on trust, which in my opinion more compelling than biological connect.

And, if you do not respect your Dad, do not be around him.

Let him test it out by himself, whether he can survive or not. This is my suggestion to all youngsters sons and daughters.

So, what is the dilemma your Dad is facing?

After the excitement of you getting a job and earning is over, he is try desperately to return to a status, which is when you were young. That is, he is the most important person and all the others in his family look up to him. As soon as the son or daughter starts earning and become independent, which means they buy their own clothes, food, shoes, and what not, he (the father) realizes that there is something different happening and he is loosing all the decision making powers.

Remember, this is a reality of life. Later, for you too.

So, be emphatic. And, tell him, or convey in your own way, Dad, why do you want to burden yourselves with this mundane things. But, make it a point to include him in all your important decisions, truthfully, and honestly. You will see that he will be a peaceful man every time you include him.

Remember, every sensible Dad wants the best for his son.

Watch this Video. If this does not set you thinking, then probably nothing will.

Krishna Karedla
Author: Krishna Karedla

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