8 steps to success and happiness

How to be Successful and Happy in Life?

Let us assume an average active life of we humans is 75 Years. Which really means 75 Active Summers. Follow these simple and key Tips to lead a successful and happy Life!.

#1 Never make Dissatisfaction the key driver of your future Decisions

Sometimes, we are unhappy because, we are not like that person, or we do not have that or this or we do not have this or that, or we do not like this or that.

Never, ever make these factors the basis for your future decisions. This quality alone is enough to destroy, what all you have, money, wealth, health and happiness.

If there is one silly reason to cause perpetual unhappiness in Life, this is it.

#2 Believe in Practical Destiny

Always be smart enough to bring peace in yourself as you get up in life. Believe in practical destiny. Let me explain this a little bit.

Did you choose Engineering over Medical seat? Did you choose Commerce over Science? And, at that time you thought this was the most good thing you could do for yourself. Do not look back and ponder what if? This is the most silly thing to do. Avoid all such streams of thought. What I am also saying is do not believe in Blind Destiny. Believe in Practical Destiny!

#3 Do not have Wrong Idols and Friends

Choose people who are happy, as your Idols. This way, you will be minimally influenced by them, and start learning to be happy. Remember, idol worship is not a good basis for creating a happy life.

#4 Make Family an integral part of your Life – Gives Happiness in Multifold Unimaginable Ways

Your immediate family, parents, spouse, children and close relatives, are all a source of great happiness. Never, forget this. Build a family around you, if you do not have one. Do not break it if you have one.

#5 Never Eat Over Processed Food

How to identify “Over Processed Food”? Simple, anything which is Cooked beyond what is required, or repeatedly, or packed with a long expiry date, or has artificial ingredients is “OPF” or “Over Processed Food”.

Why does this occupy a prominent place in my List?

Simple, if there has been a single common cause of unhappiness in my life, it is “Over Processed Food”. It has made me short tempered, creating a feeling of lack of inadequate nutrition perpetually, cause of several common illnesses and resulting loss of man hours.

Now, I have cut down “Over Processed Food” to 5-10 % of my total monthly intake I can see a vast difference in my Happiness Index.

#6 Be the “I don’t know Everything guy” in the Room

This quality is very important for your happiness. By adopting this in your life, you will also avoid “I know everything” guy among your friends. These people can break your happiness and life.

#7 Make Hard Work an integral Part of your Life

Remember, we are all part of a global economic model. In this global model to pay our bills, we need to work. When we work selflessly, we become detached from our self, our worries, our imagined problems, and so on. This ensures our daily metabolism to kick in and keeps us physically healthy.

#8 Simple Curiosity the Essence of a Good Life

Humans are born to curious. This is very important for mental health.

Everyday, if you can get up and get on with your daily work, and be curious, you are laying a strong a very strong foundation for a happy and successful life.

Krishna Karedla
Author: Krishna Karedla

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