Searching for Pure Unconditional Love

Why do human beings keep pets?

We all learn by copying and adopting.

When young, we copy our parents and learn to walk, talk etc.

And, we humans have a powerful instinct. Furthering our progeny. When our babies learn to walk, we applaud, phycological reward.

And, pets too have a great qualities just as anything on this earth. They have adapted to human society by learning to demonstrate that they are happy when given food.

That is the point. That is precicely the difference between us and pets.

When our mothers and later in life, wife cook food day in and day out for years we never bother to say thank you. Just think it over. We are happy when MTR or Chutneys or Subbaiah mess cooks gives good food, we always remember them.

But, when our mother or wife does it for us, we fail to acknowledge or remember it. And, mothers and wife take it as normal.

In my view, they should insist that those who eat their preparation say thank you!!

Pets, dogs, cats, are not like that. Because, for them getting food is very hard. Every day it is a battle for them. It is wired into their genes. That is the reason they protect the person who gives them food.

Try quarrelling with the person who gives the pet its food! You will have it.

Fight with your wife or mother in front of a street dog, it will not care! It is trained to get food from multiple places.

The problem is, we mistake a pet’s its protective nature towards its owner as love towards the owner.

It is simply, securing its food source!

Most people are not able to discern this.

As my good friend, Rani Nagesh said –

You can replicate and replace a puppy’s love by buying multiple puppies. Can you do that with your Papa? Just think it over.

So, what is love of papa?

It is a topic for another day.

Love of a puppy is not pure and unconditional. It is stems out of self preservation.

Whereas your Papa’s love for you is unconditional.

It is just that you do not realize it.

For a minute, accept your papa’s drawbacks, and force yourself to think of all that he did for you in the last several years since you were born. He was immensely happy when you were born. Are you comfortable and happy, when he is old?

And, decide for yourself how you want to be. Aurangzeb or Ram!

Three popular movie stars who talk openly about their love for their parents and have still succeeded in life!!

Krishna Karedla
Author: Krishna Karedla

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