Marriage and Ram Gopal Varma

Who has not heard of Ram Gopal Varma?

Everyone who watches movies, must have come across RGV as he is popularly called. It is another matter that youngsters of today may just ignore him as he has no noteworthy movie to his name in many many years.

He has another school of thought – Marriage is a useless institution.

So, what does he essentially advocate?

Women and men do not marry. They stay separately, and they get together when they want to.

So, imagine such a society.

In each house, will live a man or a woman. Children keep running from one house to another.

We will need double the houses. Real estate businesses will love this!

He has another good friend. Puri Jaganath, his disciple who has made more successful movies. Both do extremely violent movies, but Puri is more svauve.

Puri also advocates a no marriage society.

What are they trying to advocate?

A free for all society.

Many advocate this idea and many practice it.

But, we have to give it to these two to advocate the concept for such a long period. And, touting out same level of argument since many years.

Krishna Karedla
Author: Krishna Karedla

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