Missamma – A classic par excellence

Missamma is my all time favorite.

Let us discuss some highlights of the movie.

  • Senior NTR has acted as a sedate lover, conscious of his job and sustaining the job all through movie, a role which many say he could not do
  • The heroine earns more than hero for the same job. Women empowerment!
  • The employers pay the new recruits relocation charges
  • The heroine is a Christian but is a teacher classical music!
  • The comedy-villian is dressed as an Italian Mafia goon
  • Comedian tells lies all through the movie and takes Tailam (grease money[bribe]) for telling lies but tells truth once, and does not take a pie!
  • The side kick Govinda does not speak all through the movie – like the God
  • The hero and heroine have a Live in relationship as friends, and is shown on screen probably for the first time!
  • There are five comedians in the movie which is rare, all of them are key characters
  • Many memorable lines are there in the movie – one, meru transfer avvaka tappadu, mevu jobs vethukoka tappadu, two, anta tailam lo vundi
  • The hero says he believes in Hindu Gods, Christ, Devils, Ghosts and everyone – in a way, packing all under imagination category
  • Beggar colony concept is introduced by the hero
  • Collect donations for holy places concept is mentioned, which became common later
  • When it comes to earning opportunity both hero and heroine lie
  • A new comer coming into a job is not welcome – the old teacher is reluctant to change
  • Designations are important for some – Present Secretary, Ex Headmaster, this line is said by one of the lead character….
  • We are city people – we do not mind sitting next to men
  • The movie was made 1953-55 – hotel Udipi, and Hotties name boards appear in one of the song sets
  • Hero is named M T Rao – which when pronounced sound “EMPTY Rao” and the comedy villian names sounds “I P David” even though he is shown to be well off to lend
  • The key character of Comedian Relangi is named Devaiah – who has a key role in the story and who can earn money without doing much

Krishna Karedla
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