Don’t encourage unmarried youngsters to engage with Swamiji’s

As the title indicates this is an advice. So, what naturally should follow are the reasons, because when an advice is given, reasons also should be given.

Before I discuss reasons, let us see who are these Swamiji’s? I am referring to.

India has seen a surge of modern day Swamiji, who are tech savvy, live in opulence, and flaunt their connections.

Most of the Swamiji’s have an offering which is sold at a price. Sadhguru offers Inner Engineering Course, Sri Sri offers Pranayama Course, and Ramachandra mission does not directly offer you a course for a fee, but encourages you to become an Unofficial Franchise and spread the missions main Free offering Meditation. Simultaneously, they also encourage you to donate ;-).

All three and many more are shooting up, or Up Coming, and all are well endowed with funds.

Essentially, they have all become rich or are on the way to becoming rich.

This is the background, and my article starts here with an interesting incident with Mrs. Santi Ganapathy, resident of Mysore (Mysuru) and a dear neighbor.

A decade ago I started changing my diet, from a Carb rich diet to a more natural protein diet. Myself and my wife, were at Mrs. Santi’s home. And, I mentioned this diet plan to her. Her immediate response was, its looks good, but both of you (my wife and myself) should follow the same. There is no hard and fast rule both husband and wife follow the same diet, but it is good if you think about it.

Simple, and a wise advice.

The underlying message? Husband and Wife should create their own systems, own common beliefs. It is a work in progress.

Till today, I have stuck to the protein diet for breakfast and my wife has also found merit in it.

What is the connection between this and my advice to Unmarried youngsters to NOT associate with Swamiji’s?

To understand this, we should realize that Marriage is a contract. And, Hindu religion makes it Sacred. At one level marriage is also friendship. A friendship between a male and a female, with several benefits and a secure life for the couple’s children till they are 18yrs old. It is here sacredness comes into play. A well put together child is important for the advancement of mankind.

By joining these Swamiji’s ashrams you are subscribing to a system which is totally anti Hindu. Let us note, Hinduism does not sanction these Swamiji’s. It is we naive public who have given acceptability to these Swamis.

Those sanctioned by Hinduism are Swamiji’s who have renounced everything most importantly material comforts and family. They offer only a center of worship, done with utmost austerity and expect Hindu families to stick to a systematic Hindu way of life and do not expect Hindus to be associated with any ashram specified system or practices.

The material comfort enjoying Swamiji’s have an entrepreneurial, or to put it more simply business bent of mind, Business Swamis.

So, to further their interests, they have their own systems, favorite Gods, rituals, books, unique central place or main ashram, followers, products and so on.

When unmarried youngsters join these ashrams, they imbibe all of the above and become a follower.

But, marriage is entirely opposite to this. The newly married couple have to strike a balance between their own upbringing and start life afresh and create their own systems, which is fine tuned to the particular couple and children. Completely Unique.

By joining such ashrams the Unmarried Youngsters are putting themselves in a tremendous disadvantage and hamper a happy married life. Because, they already come with a baggage. Go into a marriage with an open mind.

On a lighter note, the only solution to those who are adamant about the greatness or effectiveness of one ashram as compared to another is – find a partner, bride or bridegroom from the same ashram!

This is an honest alert to those parents whose unmarried children are being lured by the evangelists of these ashrams.

And before I take leave, Mrs. Santi Ganapathy had another advice when we were discussing disputes between husband and wife, she said how much ever you fight, remember to say Goodnight!

All set for a better tomorrow. No scope for any Swamiji after marriage also!!

Krishna Karedla
Author: Krishna Karedla

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