Vicious Human Selfishness as Corona unleashed it venom!

I remember the day, April 20th 2020.

There is no end to human selfishness. It can be as gruesome as it can get. I had a first hand experience of this vicious selfishness with a relative of mine who goes around proclaiming to be a society well wisher.

Corona was gradually spreading its tentacles around the world and I was concerned as my son was in Gandhinagar, a good 1500 KM away, studying, actually about to complete final year of his Law Degree.

In a week or two he was scheduled to return home.

But, news reports were suggesting Corona could affect last part of his exams, travel and I was worried as I had, just as everybody else, no clue on how long this virus would last.

Many questions were going around in my mind. What if he gets affected by the virus in the hostel?

What if the hostel is closed and he cannot travel?

What if the virus lasts for months on end?

It was on such a confused day that my relative who professes on being spiritual, with tremendous concentration powers, can predict life and death(!), reconcile divorced couples, travel to US 20 times, called to convey that they (in their house) had asked maid and driver to not come for work, no one was to go out and no one was to come in.

I also told my relative that we were also taking some measures, but we cannot stop our maid as she has breakfast and lunch at our place. If we asked to her to stop coming.

So far so good.

It was when I heard the reply, when I mentioned that I am considering asking my son to come back home immediately (next available flight) that something inside me gave in.

Another reasons was air tickets were being booked by students in large numbers and flights were full.

The reply to this background was “let him stay, what will happen”.


In summary, leave him, in a Govt. College hostel, with all students going home, no medical facilities nearby, a hot summer fast approaching. Just leave him.

I have seen selfishness in various degrees from an young age, but when my son was in the equation, something gave in.

That was the end of my positive opinion in goodness of human beings who go around saying they are spiritual, follow certain Swamiji, follow a certain Master.

In fact, I suggest to you all.

If you come across anyone, who brings any of the following into your conversation and a relationship, be it religion, or Swamiji, or a Guru, or a Master, or a ritual, or a temple, or some form of meditation, or practices be wary.

That may, no, that will be THE end of your Happiness.

Krishna Karedla
Author: Krishna Karedla

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