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My Wife, My Silent Partner

As I embark on my second entrepreneurial venture, I cannot help but write about my silent partner who has quietly egged me on in the last 25 odd years. Being…

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My Father, CBI and Rahul Gandhi

I am a lucky person in many ways. Most of my relatives all have been honest. We have never taken bribe, paid all dues, and never cheated. I have been…

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Who will Modiji and Amit Bhai, choose as the Next President of India?

I like to predict without the help of astrology. I could of course, learn astrology and connect simple logic and common sense to planetary motion, and become famous. But, I…

Madras Central
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Madras Central, where it all started…

If you think that this blog is of a good standard in terms of ideas and language, you may be curious to know how a person of average intelligence and…

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A Simple Solution to Reservation Problem

There is absolutely no doubt that Reservation has crippled our Country. Sorry, I am wrong. It is not Reservation, but EXCESSIVE Reservation has crippled our Country. However, the Solution is…

FREE Tirupati Laddu
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AP Govt. Announces FREE Tirupati Laddu

After having faced severe backlash over increase Seva rates of Lord Venkateshwara, by 100% to 500%, the AP Govt. has developed cold feet and is announcing a new initiative to…

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Jagan Reddy’s Master Plan Revealed

Recently, Jagan Reddy the Smiling CM dispatched his sister Yeduguri Sandinti Sharmila, to Hyderabad for setting YCP again and building the party. It was a very odd move. On deeper…

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Beware! Pulla Reddy Sweets from Swiggy

Recently, we thought of ordering MTR sweets using Swiggy. We were in for a surprise. MTR does not sell sweets using Swiggy. There is a bit of detail here. MTR…

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10 Suggestions to Garikapati Narasimha Rao Garu

Firstly, hearty Congratulations to Garikapati Narasimha Rao – Wikipedia for being conferred the Prestigious Padma Shri Honor for Literature. My Late Father, used to call brilliant youngsters as Ashta Avadhani….

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Dogs and Cats

Recently, I have had occasions to consider owning a pet for our home. My wife was against it as it will increase responsibilities. Her line of thought was that once…

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Life Skills – Communication

This post is for youngsters who wish to improve their communication. As soon as we say “Communication” what comes to a parent’s mind is “Talking” or “Asking what we want”…

veg thali
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Food – Important Factor for Healthy Living

With all the numerous interpretations, advices by doctors, scientists, religious gurus, shastras, it is very confusing for common people and youngsters come out with a simple formula for eating food…