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Food – Important Factor for Healthy Living

With all the numerous interpretations, advices by doctors, scientists, religious gurus, shastras, it is very confusing for common people and youngsters come out with a simple formula for eating food for long term Professional Success.

In the picture below, I have outlined a simple understanding and a Golden Rule for eating food. Create your own list of food you like, keeping this rule in mind.

If you can eat, keeping the rule satisfied, you will succeed 100%!

Eat what makes you happy.

So, how do you know whether the food you have just picked up is adhering to the Golden Rule or not?

For each food you consume observe your body, energy levels, lightness and sleepiness, for the next four – five hours. Listen to your body. And, figure it out. If sleepy every time you eat the particular food, avoid.

Some thumb rules. Experience has shown raw food adheres to the Golden Rule.

Next, the more processed the food, lesser the nutrients. Cooking once is fine and good.

If you are feeling like eating food or drinking coffee or tea often or smoke frequently, then the food you have eaten in the day does not adhere to the Golden Rule. Take Care!


Krishna Karedla
Author: Krishna Karedla

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