What is Spirituality? ………..It is ….

Spirituality is a trait in a human being, which prompts the individual to evaluate whether their own independent life has been satisfactory. Independent refers to the independent person in all its uniqueness, shredded of parents, siblings, life partners, and off springs, teachers, students, associates and so on.

The reason why spiritual questions arise later in life and as we age, is because when young we instinctively know we have a way to go before we evaluate ourselves.

As we age these questions crop up and rightly so. As we have a powerful curious force driving us to know and understand ourselves.

For some, this question props up early, for some later, and so on.

When we know instinctively, we are satisfied, meaning our spirit is satisfied, it reflects in our actions and reactions at various stages in life. Which really means our reactions or responses become better and more spiritual.

A prolonged stage of a satisfied spirit is Moksha.

So, let us dig deeper and ask this question – how to travel to stage of a satisfied spirit.

Before we answer this question we have to understand that each person’s life is unique. There is no one solution.

My life is totally different from my father’s even though we spent nearly 55 years together!

His mother lived upto 80 yrs. My mother passed at 43 yrs.

He had two children and his affections were spread to both.

I have one son and all my affections are on him.

He was a banker – I am an entrepreneur.

So, if life’s are different – situations are also different. As human beings, we respond to every situation. When we respond our spirit comes into play. And, each one of our responses are different.

Responses are the key.

The Sum

There is a situation in our life, we respond, and the sum of all these responses take us towards a state of a satisfied spirit. Knowingly, or unknowingly we keep a track of our responses and this is our subconscious memory.

The correct definition of spirituality probably is – A Deep Understanding of our Responses.

Have we not heard many elders and spiritual leaders say look inwards?

These understanding(s) leave a memory on our manasu (a hindu word), and DNA, and this activity in totality is spirituality.

Let me close by telling you all an incident.

Some years ago, we were informed that my wife’s grandmother was in her last days. We travelled to Repalle, my wife’s hometown.

Her grandmother was overjoyed to see her, her great grandson, and me.

After some time as she held my hand, she had tears in her eyes. I told her “Grandma, you have always done good to everyone, have been reasonable to all, tried to understand everyone with an open mind, never cheated anyone, why do have tears in your ears?”.

Tears stopped.

The spirit understood.

In this context, it does seem that going to spiritual leaders is in question. If understanding our responses make us spiritual, how will spiritual leaders contribute?

Just think it over deeply.

Instead of all that trouble, narratives, train of thought which may not be your way of upbringing, just keep a constant watch on your responses. No expectation, no demands, just keep a watch.

Maybe that is all there is to it!

Krishna Karedla
Author: Krishna Karedla

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