A Simple Solution to Reservation Problem

There is absolutely no doubt that Reservation has crippled our Country. Sorry, I am wrong. It is not Reservation, but EXCESSIVE Reservation has crippled our Country.

However, the Solution is not about removing Reservation. Because, Politicians will Never allow it.

And, a population which is used to Freebees will not budge.

So, removing Reservation is out of Question.

Before, we move to the solution, let us clearly understand what are the negative effects of Reservation.

Reservation in excessive numbers is against Nature’s Law.

What is this Law?

It is that there is no set rule that meritorious (Capable, Knowledgeable, Strong) children are born to meritorious parents. In such a world, Reservation decides that such and such a caste children are to be given preference in a particular high demand course. When in reality that student may not be suitable to study that subject particularly in higher education.

This has resulted in a non merit and a poor country with majority of the people living in deprived situations and the population knowing that there is no hope of growing out of this mess, but tugging along.

However much foreign direct investment comes in and boosts India’s economy, it will not help because, IP ownership will not accrue to Indians. When this does not happen, we will always be slaves of IP owners.

Any Solution to this urgent and immediate problem has to be such that it will reverse deterioration in 3-4 years.

It is only when we as a nation run on merit, then we as a society can think of becoming an progressive, advanced and successful society. Remember, merit is not Newton’s level of intelligence but can be as simple as common sense.

As entrance to all professional courses is now based on regional and caste and other basis, there is nothing much we can do at this stage. Simply because, as I said earlier, politicians and beneficiaries will not allow it.

The solution lies in the exit out of the institutions.

All final professional certifications should be based on a Single Creative, Comprehensive Exam Conducted online, in the Final year of study.

Which will settle the deal once for all.

And, there is no pass or fail. Just the marks scored.

Recruiters will recruit based on their requirements.

The marks scored in this exam will be the one put on the certificate along with a conduct certificate. Let us revive the conduct certificate which was present till a few years ago. 😉

The best part is this Solution will stand in a court of law, and no one will oppose, as it does not upset the entry to colleges program!!

Most importantly, this will satisfy Ambedkar’s dream of a Equality as a Governing Principle.

Let us check this solution and its benefits.

Firstly, is it workable?

Certainly. With online exams becoming order of the day, it is a breeze to conduct this National Professional Course Certification exam. Exams can be conducted in college premises and with video recording so that there is no scope for malpractice. This exam can only be for the final year and consequently colleges can skip the final year exams altogether.

The Nation benefits as Merit takes center stage.

Colleges / Educational institutes will compete on a national scale and strive to get their students score high in a national level exam.

Students will benefit as their score in this exam will determine their career paths.

Further, everybody can score high!.

No tampering with Reservation needs to be done!!

As online education gains prominence, rural students can also hope to avail the best education resources and at the same time students can appear for a national level exam and be on par with city students.

Colleges, in their quest to get their students score high, will orient themselves better.

The average scores of students can be a factor for NIRF Rank!!

Krishna Karedla
Author: Krishna Karedla

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